WYNDHAM ACADEMY OF MUSIC                                                               

Certificate in Music                                                                      

The WYNDHAM ACADEMY OF MUSIC is proud to offer two Certificate in Music options that can be completed ONLINE in just 1 month each.  Tuition is only $75 per certificate!

Our Certificate in Music courses are offered to all serious musicians who are interested in learning about Music Theory and Music History. These courses are great for advanced music students preparing for college. They are also excellent review material for professional music teachers. The courses are useful for musicians of all instruments and genres but are geared toward classical pianists. Piano proficiency is required.

Benefits of our online education courses:    

- Available WORLDWIDE!
- Much cheaper than traditional programs!
- No commuting!
- Learn at your own pace!
- Take classes anytime, day or night!
- Take classes anywhere that has Internet!
- All course materials included in tuition!
- Tutoring by phone or email!

Our courses were designed by highly educated and professional musicians. Please check out the entire site and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


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